Standard SCBA breathing apparatus for firefighting

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The full set standard of SCBA breathing apparatus, including carbon fiber cylinder tank, usual type 6.8L or 9L
backplate, pressure reducer, couple valve of SCBA and packed case. 

Total weight 11kg. High standard of safety and high efficiency.

SCBA   cylinder tank 6.8L type
    Water capacity 6.8L. 
    Carbon fiber fully wrapped Aluminum alloy.
    Service pressure 300bar / test pressure 450bar (EN Standard)
    Air capacity 2040L
    Made to GB, EN, DOT,ISO standard upon demand
    5 year hydro test. Product life-span 15 years
Duration62   Minute at 5bar ~ 9bar service pressure, 30L /Min flow rate
Alarm device55bar   ± 5bar
    Alarm lasting 15 Seconds
    Remaining time after alarm 11 Minutes
    Grade of alarm sound
Spherical   designed maskExtremely   bright and wide vision.
    Made of transparent polycarbonate, non-toxic.
    Wear-resistand and antioxidant.
Couple valveHigh efficient and   easy to operate.
Pressure   reducerProfessional   designed to transfer air from high-pressure to
    low-pressure suitable for breathing
Flow rate of   air supply valve 500L/ Minute
Resistance of   breathing0.01bar
High-pressure   tubeConnected   to the pre-alarm system for user to check the available pressure of air
BackplateScientific   design with adjustable belt and strap
    for uniform stress.
Carry caseMade   of PC and ABS materials, lightweight and
    high strength. Orange color.
    Dimension of each case 74mm X 35mm X 50mm
Gross   weight  Weight of SCBA 11kg
     Gross weight of full set including   case 14kg
Temperature  range -30 ~ +60
Technical   StandardCCCF-XFZB-01(A/O)